Team winning percentage scale

1999-2009: The York Era
After owner Eddie DeBartolo gave up control of the 49ers over legal troubles, his sister Marie Denise Debartolo York has taken over where the team's winning percentage has fallen by 20%.  They drafted Alex Smith (photo) 1st overall in 2005 and Smith has been a disappointment from day 1.

1981-1998: The Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young Era
In what will probably be remembered as the last great dynasty in professional football, the 49ers were the first NFL team to reach 5 Super Bowl wins.  The first 4 were won by HOF QB Joe Montana (photo), who first became a overnight sports sensation following Dwight Clark's catch in 1981.  Montana would eventually be let go in 1992, but the 49ers still played at a high level thanks to Steve Young and Jerry Rice.    

1973-1980: The Post Brodie Era
After John Brodie retired in 1973, The 49ers would shuffle between 5 QB's to replace him.  In 1976 they eventually went with Jim Plunkett, who was traded from the New England Patriots.  Then in 1977 business man Eddie Debartolo bought the franchise and would hire Bill Walsh in 1978.  They would draft a skinny QB in the 3rd round of the 1979 Draft, and the rest would become NFL folklore.   

1965-1972: The John Brodie Era
John Brodie (photo) and the 49ers were in the NFC Championship game twice from 1970-1971, but lost to the Dallas Cowboys each time.  They would then lose to the Cowboys for the third year in a row in what was a classic comeback from Roger Staubach.   

1950-1964:  The Y.A. Tittle, Joe Perry and Hugh McElhenny Era   
The 49ers originally were in the AAFC before joining the NFL along with the Cleveland Browns.  They were known for their high scoring, which was spearheaded by QB Y.A. Tittle (photo) and RB's Joe Perry and Hugh McElhenney.  They made it to the NFL Championship game in 1957, but lost to the Detroit Lions.   
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