Game 6, 2002 Western Conference Finals - Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings

Table of Contents:

-Breakdown of all the calls, missed calls from game 6
-Review of every second and play from game 6
-Review of Roland Beech's review of game 6
-My personal history with game 6
-Power Ranking of good guys vs bad guys on game 6
-youtube videos about game 6
-Links about that game

On May 31st, 2002 I saw what many people consider the worst officiated game of all time.  The Sacramento Kings only needed 1 more win to reach the NBA Finals, but the Lakers were rewarded 27 FT's in the 4th quarter before that could happen.  Political figure Ralph Nader wrote a letter to commissioner David Stern asking a review for that game.  He never got one, but he would get one 6 years later when ex NBA official Tim Donaghy confessed to the FBI that game was fixed.  Many still think Tim Donaghy was one of the 3 referees, likely because the media went silent on this subject after he made that allegation.

Ralph Nader's letter to the NBA

6 years later...............

Ex NBA official Tim Donaghy (who turned himself in to the FBI after a Gambino wiretap caught his bookies) alleged game 6, 2002 was fixed for the Lakers over the Kings on 6/10/2008 during the NBA Finals.  He brought up this game at an attempt to shorten his prison sentence which it later was.  ESPN still to this day refuses to mention any of this.  In fact they haven't even mentioned the name Donaghy since he released his book Personal Foul.

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