Team Winning Percentage Scale

2005-2009: The Post Martz Era
In 2005 head coach Mike Martz was hospitalized with a heart condition and would never return with the Rams.  They hired Scott Linehan (photo) and then fired him after the 2008 season.  Steve Spagnuolo was hired in 2009, where they would finish with the franchise's worst record of 1-15.

1999-2004: The Greatest Show on Turf
In what is considered one of the greatest cinderella sports stories of all time, QB Kurt Warner (photo) and the 1999 Rams win Super Bowl XXXIV.  They would reach the Super Bowl again in 2001, but lost to Tom Brady's Patriots.  Marc Bulger would eventually replace Warner by week 2 of 2003.

1990-1998: Same old Rams
After 5 straight miserable seasons following the 30-3 loss in the 1989 NFC Championship game, the Rams would move to St. Louis in 1995.  They would hire head coach Rich Brooks, who with QB Chris Miller (photo), would win the first 4 games of the season.  However, when they faced the defending champion 49ers, they got killed prompting LB Ken Norton Jr. to call them the "Same old Rams."

1981-1989: The John Robinson Era
Losing in back to back seasons for the first time since 1965 prompted the Rams to fire head coach Ray Malavasi and hire John Robinson for the 1983 season.  They would also draft RB Eric Dickerson (photo), who would break the rushing record in 1984.  The Rams made it to two NFC Championship games in 1985 and 1989.

1966-1980: George Allen, The Fearsome Foursome, and Super Bowl XIV
George Allen became head coach in 1966, where he would lay the foundations of a winner for many years to come.  Merlin Olsen (photo) was a member of the Fearsome Foursome, who along with Deacon Jones terrorized QB's before sacks were counted as a stat.  The Rams unfortunately only reached the Super Bowl once in 1979 as a 9-7 team.

1959-1965: Post Van Brocklin Era
QB Norm Van Brocklin was traded to the Eagles in 1958 and soon everything would turn for the worse.  GM Pete Rozelle would be later hired as NFL Commissioner, where he would serve from 1960-1989.

1945-1958:  The Bob Waterfield and Norm Van Brocklin Era
The Golden Era of the Rams which saw them win the NFL Championship in 1951 after QB Norm Van Brocklin (photo) replaced Bob Waterfield.  They moved to Los Angeles in 1946.  

1937-1944:  In the Beginning
The Rams were originally located in Cleveland, where they experienced only one winning season before moving to Los Angeless in 1946.  They sat out the season in 1943 due to World War II.   

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